If you want to sleep well, you must abandon these foods immediately.

Insomnia affects both health and activities, tiring the body the next day, so to have a deep and restful sleep it is necessary to avoid the following foods:

These are the foods to avoid if you want a good night’s sleep.


The metallonin in oatmeal helps the body rest better, but the high soluble fiber content can negatively affect sleep. If absorbed before bedtime, it will not have enough time to digest, leading to indigestion, heartburn and belching, difficulty sleeping.

Alcoholic beverage

They relax the valve that connects your stomach and esophagus, and once this happens, your body can’t keep food where it needs to be during digestion. If you drink alcohol before bed, you may have acid reflux


Soft drinks contain more acids than any natural food and can damage the valves that connect the stomach and the esophagus. At the same time, the carbonate in soda also increases pressure in the stomach, leading to inflammation, ulcers, and stomach pain.

High-fat foods

They can be mentioned as ice cream, cookies, cakes and butter, cheese… The consumption of these foods puts pressure on the digestive system, which makes the digestive system work too much, which easily leads to digestive diseases and insomnia. And it is obvious that the body will easily accumulate fat, which will lead to weight gain and obesity.


While chocolate has amazing health and mental health benefits, it is one of the top foods to avoid before bed. It’s high in fat, has added caffeine, and a little-known stimulant called theobromine, which essentially makes you mentally tense, making you more likely to fall asleep.


However, also high in fat, if you enjoy certain hard cheeses like Parmesan and Swiss, they’re less likely to cause acid reflux than soft ones like feta and mozzarella (which means avoid pizza). .


When it comes to reflux, fats are bad for you, whether they’re saturated or unsaturated. Therefore, although this dried fruit contains many healthy fats for the body, you should not eat it before going to bed.

Citric fruit

They are all very acidic, which is bad for the stomach and esophagus. A glass of orange or apple juice before bed can be a good option, although they are very rich in nutrients for the body.

The coffee

Coffee itself is acidic, when it enters the stomach, caffeine can also produce an extra amount, causing acid levels to rise, which is harmful to the stomach and easy to cause acid reflux. up.

Also, everyone knows that drinking coffee before going to bed will cause nervous stimulation and, consequently, insomnia.


Ice cream contains a large amount of sugar, fat and carbohydrates. These substances will cause irritation and difficulty sleeping if you eat before bed.

The spicy food

Spicy foods are also foods that should not be eaten before bed. Because they not only affect the stomach (causing stomach ulcers), but also make it difficult to sleep due to the sense-stimulating chemicals in the body, you will go round and round and it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Fast food

Fast food like cakes and desserts that contain a lot of sugar when eaten late at night can increase blood sugar levels. Simple sugar molecules like fructose found in fruit, galactose found in milk, and some other double sugar molecules will contribute to your restless sleep.

Protein rich foods

Foods rich in protein such as eggs, red meat, fish… if eaten before bedtime also make it difficult to sleep. Because the stomach will have to work all night to digest them. Therefore, high-protein meats are also foods that should not be consumed before bed.

Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates

Sweet foods like cakes or other desserts can raise blood sugar levels. Also, simple sugar molecules like fructose in fruit and galactose in dairy products and double sugars like lactose, maltose, and sucrose can cause insomnia as usual if eaten at night.

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